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Congratulations! You just bought the most important dress you’ll ever wear, and now you need a refined and custom fit. We are specialists in the intricacies of fine fabrics and couture details, and we would love to deliver the perfect fit for your unique measurements.


Finesse the fit and length of your wedding gown and add functional details such as a bustle and extra support.


Photo by Ava Vienneau


Tailor your bridesmaid dress, flower girl dress, mother of the bride gown, prom gown, or other special occasion gowns for a comfortable, flawless fit..

Photo by Tori Radick

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 9.25.41 AM.png

Bring your vintage and heirloom veils and gowns and have them restored, refitted, or repurposed.


Have your gown professionally pressed, a complimentary service for clients of The Wedding Gown Tailor. Also available a la carte.

bespoke details

Commission custom-made details for your gown such as sleeves, modesty coverage, and appliques made from sentimental pieces of clothing.

Photo by Whitney Erin

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